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Crack Free Overlay Steel Plate

Product Picture

Product Picture

Product Application

Product application
Mining Machinery Bucket liner, feed chute, hopper Liners, broken liners, etc.
Cement manufacturing Bunkers, fan blades, chutes, vertical mill linings, pipes, etc.
Steel casting Slag chute, feed chute, stripper liner, distribution chute, etc.
Power industry fan blades, coal conveying pipes, hopper linings, conveying troughs, etc.
coal mining industry scraper transport side plates , mining linings, hoppers, feed troughs, etc.
Others Roadheaders, intermediate conveyors, shovels, crawler frames, grader blades , railway feeder plate

Product application case

Product performance

In terms of wear resistance,
The wear resistance of WKL-ABC wear-resistant layer is 2.5 times that of Swedish Hardy plate, 28-30 times that of Q345B, and 3-3.5 times that of cast steel wear-resistant plate and domestic surfacing plate.

鈻 Test material/WKL-B, MNB, Sweden HARDOX400, HARDOX500, American letter chrome steel SA1750CR, friction object GCR-15 bearing steel
鈻砊esting Equipment/M-200 Multifunctional Friction and Wear Testing Machine
鈻砊est parameters: test load 600N, rotating speed 200 rpm, sliding wear time 2h, quartz flow rate 1.5-2.0kg/h
鈻矨s shown in the table, WKL-B is comparable to American letter chrome steel, which is 90% and 70% higher than Hardox450 and Hardox500 respectively

Sample ID Material Abrasion Loss Weight (mg) Volume Abrasion Rate
Wear rate ratio (Shozhan, Xin chrome steel, Handa)
1 WKL-B 174.53 12.23 1
2 American Letter Chrome 173.97 12.21 1
3 Sweden Hardo*450 464.81 26.13 2.13
4 Sweden Hardo*500 421.52 23.54 1.92

Impact wear performance
鈻 Experimental materials: WKL-B, Sweden HARDO*400, HARDO*500, American letter chrome steel SA1750CR The impact material for wear is bearing steel GCr15
鈻 Testing equipment: M-200 multifunctional friction and wear testing machine
鈻 Test parameters: the speed of the upper sample is 180 rpm, the speed of the lower sample is 200 rpm, the impact frequency is 230 times/min, the impact load is 200N, and the impact contact force is 40Mpa. Medium: standard quartz sand, particle size: 100-150 mesh, quartz sand flow rate 1.5-2kg/h, sample cycle 90,000 revolutions.
鈻 Test results: As shown in the table, the impact and wear resistance of WKL-B is comparable to that of American letter chrome steel, which is about 80% higher than that of 400 and 500 welded.

Sample ID Material Abrasion Loss Weight (mg) Volume Abrasion Rate (10-6mm3/Nm)
1 WKL-B 109.25 5.34
2 America Xin Chrome Steel SA1750CR 108.97 5.32
3 Mn13 215.25 9.67
4 Sweden Hardox400 210.38 9.41
5 Sweden Hardox500 192.61 8.72

metallographic structure

The WKL-ABC wear-resistant layer is composed of austenite + martensite + various carbides (such as Sic, Crc, Wc, etc.), and the particle hardness of WC can reach up to 1900HV.

By observing the internal structure of the metal, the hardness of the metal surface can be understood.

  1. The white part in the four pictures is various carbides (such as chromium carbide, tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, etc.), and the dark part is the matrix (the martensite structure can be seen by magnifying the image).
  2. The wear resistance of metal is determined by the three factors of carbide distribution, density and shape. Different shapes, dispersion and uneven distribution lead to lower hardness; evenly distributed, circular or rhombic shapes lead to higher hardness
  3. Figure 4 Carbide area accounts for more than 96% of the whole, while tungsten carbide accounts for more than 65%, so the service life can reach more than 45 times the service life of ordinary carbon steel. Customers who have special requirements for wear resistance can use Our latest silicon tungsten alloy wear plate.

Conventional mechanical properties (using a standard sample with a thickness of 10mm (6+4))

grade yield point MPa tensile strength MPa hardness
original hardness hardness after use
WKL-A 345 450 HRC61 HRC61


Wear-resistant materials are the core of the new material field and play an important role in promoting and supporting the development of high-tech. In the global new material research field, wear-resistant materials account for about 70%. In view of the special status of wear-resistant materials, countries around the world All attach great importance to the research and development of wear-resistant materials. Wuxi Wickley Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the present and looks forward to the future. Through mutual learning and discussion with scientific research institutes at home and abroad, we now have a number of international new wear-resistant materials manufacturing and production processes. Due to the material situation, it has become a high-quality cooperative supplier of many mines, ports, electric power and mechanical construction enterprises at home and abroad, and exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

The surface of WKL-ABC is smooth and flat 500mm鈮ear-resistant plate length锛10000mm, the flatness error is 卤1mm, and the thickness error is 卤0.5mm.

thickness mm model length mm width mm Flatness Error mm Thickness Error mm
4-12 WKL-A 3000-3500 1200 锛500 length 0.5mm
锛1000 length 1mm
total thickness卤3%
4-18 WKL-B 3000-3500 1200 锛500 length 0.5mm
锛1000 Length 1mm
Total Thickness卤3%
6-10 WKL-C 3000-3500 1200 锛500 length 0.5mm
>1000 length 1mm
total thickness卤3%

Production Process

WKL-ABC wear-resistant plate is a one-time laying of a certain thickness on the Q345B medium carbon steel plate (the thickness is determined by the actual needs of the customer), which contains a large amount of high-chromium iron powder and various hard materials such as carbon, molybdenum, manganese, tungsten, niobium, boron, etc. The wear-resistant alloy of the particles is infiltrated at high temperature, which is a metallurgical combination

1. Chemical composition % (wear-resistant layer)

C Cr Si Mn Ni
3.0-5.1 28-40 0.53-0.64 0.58-1.61 0.11-0.15
Mo B W Nb
0.13-0.19 0.57-0.63 3.06-3.15 0.046-0.49

Note: The thickness change of the wear-resistant layer determines the change of its chemical composition

2. Hardness

The macro range of the hardness of WKL-ABC wear-resistant layer is 55-66HRC, and the company can produce the highest hardness of the wear-resistant layer according to customer requirements up to HRC68.

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